Bathtime Essentials

Bathtime Essentials

As a mum, I've genuinely tried and tested all of our products that we sell inside our store. When it comes to bathtime, As you know, my husband Jared is away a lot.

These item's I've found, make my life so much easier doing bathtime solo. They are products that I use everyday and ones that would make for the best gift any new mother or parent could ask for.

The first bathtime essential item is:

Organic Hooded Bath Towel

This item is one of those stunning towels that act like magic. Wash them a million times and they still dry super soft and gentle for babies skin. Unlike other towels that dry crispy and scratchy, this is one you'll love using on newborn bub.

Being made from organic bamboo, they are breathable, soft and absorbent, making them perfect for bath time and sensitive baby skin. It's generous in size, so perfect for all sized bubs, they're beautiful and a great buy.

Washcloth Set

Again, made from the same stunning organic bamboo toweling, our wash cloth sets are the best bathtime essential. We were told to use these ones in the hospital, by our midwives, they're perfect for lathering up with soapy water and gently cleaning all around babies body. Obviously wash the face first and work your way down from there, these are amazing.

But not just for cleaning, we use this one to gently lay on babies belly. Generally the belly is exposed during bathtime, and can get really cold and uncomfortable for them. The bath on the belly will keep them warm, but also provides a weighted comfort blanket of sorts. We love this one and use it everyday.

Circle Brush Set

We use this brush set everyday after the bath. Mainly the soft bristled, goat hair round brush, will be used during the newborn and small baby phase. Our daughter who is older, we use the round massage style brush on her hair, it's the only one she lets us use.

Round soft bristled brush:

There are so many advantages of this item, used daily after the bath on wet hair.

Firstly it promotes bloodflow to that area, meaning hair follicles are stimulated to grow in patchy areas or in bald spots common to babies who lay on their back. 

It also removes any cradle cap from the cap of babies heads. This brush I've used on my son, after putting baby oil in his hair in the bath, and it really does remove the old skin and ensure fresh healthy skin is grown in its place. 

Baby massage is such a vital part of your newborns development. This is no different, the head scalp massage gives your baby the necessary feelings needed to calm and soothe your baby before a beautiful nights sleep. 


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